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Miami Quality Graphics

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Without even realizing it, you have surely seen Set-Up Boxes everywhere. Your last pair of shoes was probably packaged in a Set-Up Box. Games, puzzles, jewelry, candles, business cards, stationery, and clothing apparel are just a few other products usually packaged in Set-Up Boxes.

Our precise equipment wraps the paper of your choice around a base and lid to give you an elegant, yet durable package for your products. Paper choices are endless; from plain white to solid colors to patterns. You may also choose a foil or holographic paper style. You may choose smooth or embossed, matte or high gloss. You may even choose to leave your boxes unwrapped. You may want the lid to go all the way down the base. Or you may only want the lid to go down an inch. Somewhere in between? Yes, we can do that too.